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We are conceptualists, strategists, designers and producers who share a passion for generating progressive ideas and creating powerful and effective ways to express them. G Maker Advertising is a unique advertising agency that takes a design-based approach. We provide advertising scheme and media planning for both new and existing organizations and brands.

In G Maker, we value creativity and effectiveness higher than anything else. Through the years, we have worked with some of Malaysia's major brands. By exploring different possibilities which yet to be discovered, we assist our clients to expand and progress, bringing their brand image to live and giving them the spotlight they deserved.

Through our knowledge and experience, we weld various forms of medias into a powerful medium. Along with creative and beautifully crafted design, we can build awareness through massive coverage and reach any intended target with immediacy, on a wide scale that ranges from local to international.


We shape your brand's identity with concept to communicate it's corporate message. We help define the meaning of your brand and how to best position it for growth.

Branding is much more than just designing your logo or business card, it reflects everything your business is about. We can help you create and build your brand and market it to its success online and offline.

• Brand Research & Analysis
• Naming & Tagline
• Brand Standard Guidelines
• Corporate Value Systems
• Re-Branding Strategies
• Brand positioning
• Logo Design
• Style Guides
• Content Strategy
• Visual Identity
• Brand Strategy
• Design Thinking
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We bring your ideas to life. We pull together all of the information to create a compelling story and call to action. Deliver your message using print media, with the right design and finishing.

Our approach to graphic and print design is to design with a purpose. Whether you want to deliver a specific brand message or seeking to develop more meaningful relationships with your customers, our team will work with you deliver a project to promote your brand through a range of print media.

• Outdoor billboards
• Corporate Identity
• Press advertising
• Custom Publishing
• Point of Sale Displays
• Apparel & Fashion Design
• Corporate Stationery Set
• Direct Marketing Materials
• Transportation/Mobile advertising
• Packaging design
• Brochures
• Catalogues
• Presentation Kits
• Sales Materials
• Templates
• Editorial
• Annual Reports
• Buntings & Banners
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Get yourself published on the internet, to connect with people through any devices. Exceptional design that is usable, simple and beautiful. From pixels to programming, we make it work & we make it look good.

• Banner Advertising
• Content Management
• Copywriting for the Web
• Email Direct Marketing (EDM)
• eCatalogues
• Mobile Phone layout design
• Flash Animation
• Interactive Tutorials & Demos
• Multimedia Presentations
• Social Media Marketing
• Responsive Design
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We make images comes to life, convey message by interacting with the viewers.
We create memorable, high-impact pieces that can communicate taking full advantage of their audiovisual characteristic.

Video is 600% more effective than printed or mail promotions and we have made professional video easy.The most valuable tools in any production are planning and communication.

• Video documentaries
• Television commercials
• Interactive media
• Short corporate films
• video storyboarding
• Motion Graphics
• Videography & Editing
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We work collaboratively and are often considered by our clients to be an extension of their marketing and communications team.

Whether developing a new brand or a suite of marketing and communications materials, we always deliver compelling solutions that are supported by solid research and strategy to help your brand fulfil its potential.

• Advertising
• Copywriting
• Competitor Analysis
• Campaign Management
• Creative Workshops
• Direct Marketing
• Event Management
• Market Research
• Project Management
• Photography & Retouching
• Strategic Planning
• Team Building Exercises
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We are passionate about creating beautiful and engaging visual experience through illustration and creative retouch. Deliver your message in a unique, impressive way, our custom illustration works are effective in print advertising pieces.

Illustration plays an important role in casting your company as a truly unique organization. Gorgeous, custom-drawn artwork on a mailer can instantly capture attention, and give your organization an edge that traditional approaches cannot match.

• Art direction
• illustraion
• Creative ideas
• mascot design
• creative retouch
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Helping brands share their vision is what we do best. Our work is guided by an interdisciplinary approach to design, a tight dynamic, and a healthy sense of wonder. We put a lot of blood, sweat, and miscellaneous viscera into everything we create.

We have had the privilege of working on numerous amounts of great projects on our years of experience to customers around the globe. Here are some of our favourites.
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By using the iterative approach, we are ensuring that the business goals are set properly and that the whole process will end with a satisfied customer.

Research and planning

First, we gather insights so we can better understand what your company is all about, what are your goals and what you want to communicate to your customers. Having that set, we research your users, competitors and plan our strategy.

Design and development

Second part of the process is putting our designer and develpers in one corner of the ring so we can knock out the project and make it come to life right when we want it.

Test and iterate

Improve today, repeat tomorrow! We can get great results with one process, but perfection requires constant improvement, wouldn't you agree?

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